Christian's Compassionate Mission was established in 2016 in memory of Christian Connor Miller, who died by suicide at the age of 21.  Christian had a huge heart, amazing smile and fantastic sense of humor, along with a misunderstood disease  that affected his brain and eventually took him from us. It is our goal to raise awareness and erase the stigma of mental illness, and prevent a tragedy like ours from happening to another family.  You can help by making a donation,  becoming a sponsor, volunteering or attending our  annual fundraiser. 

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  1. Gifts You Hope Keep on Giving
    15 May, 2019
    Gifts You Hope Keep on Giving
    So I just had an absolutely uncontrollable ugly cry, and yet it was a gift.  I received an email out of the blue from a former disciplinarian at a high school that Christian attended.  He wanted me to know that while walking through the hallways of the school he’s in today, he was thinking about Christian.  “He was a great kid.  Thinking of you and your family.  I hope you are doing well.”  It’s been almost five years since Christian passed away, and almost eleven since he was at this school.
    06 Sep, 2018
    Please step off that table brother My so unstable brother Did you think what it would do to your Mother? Or your twin brother? I haven't been happy in a long while I try so hard, but I can't smile You can't be gone, I'm in denial All my regrets, wish I could reconcile Did you know how much you were loved? Are you flying high, like a dove? I got your back when push comes to shove You got mine, now that's called love. My life so touched by you, so sweetly kissed My other half, now it's just me
  3. Does Time Heal?
    28 Jul, 2018
    Does Time Heal?
    Yesterday marked four years since I last heard your voice and felt your hugs, saw that smile and heard your laugh.  The pain of living life without you is still excruciating, and I feel like a puzzle with a missing piece, that will never be complete. I don’t like counting time because the more years that pass, the further away you seem.  This year has been the most difficult. It’s hard to feel like you belong in a world where it seems that everyone around you is celebrating life’s
  4. Memories Can Be Happy and Haunting
    31 Oct, 2017
    Memories Can Be Happy and Haunting
    At one time, shortly after we lost Christian, I remember using the word 'haunted' to describe how I was feeling.  The fear of living without him, the overwhelming sense of loss and the parental guilt haunted me.  How was I going to go on?  How was I going to deal with the unbearable pain?  How was I going to be there for Shannon and Riley?  It was all so scary. I'm not afraid anymore, and life does go on, but it's different and I'm still navigating my new normal.  There are days when the feeling
  5. 27 Jul, 2017
    My Friend
    You know how they say that everyone enters your life for a reason? I wholeheartedly believe that to be true. I have met some of the most amazing people who will have a lasting impact on my life. Each person has contributed to who I am in some way, shape, or form, and for that I am grateful. There are certain people, though — the ones who have a very special place in your heart. The ones you will never forget and can’t thank God enough for letting your paths cross. If there is anything I learned
  6. July 27th - Anniversary
    27 Jul, 2017
    July 27th - Anniversary
    Three years ago today my world changed forever.  Some days are still unbearable, and the pain so great I can literally feel it in my chest as my heart aches for you.  Other days I can smile and laugh and relish in the wonderful memories of our time together.  I just miss you! Grief is so hard and not just about the tears.  It’s exhausting, as it takes a lot of energy to ‘be okay’ when you’re really not.  It takes only a moment – a place, a smell,  a memory or even a facebook post to make my